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May 31st 2013

May 31st, 2013 saw the first Canadian Empirical and Theoretical Symposium which was held at the Richard Ivey Building, Western University, London, Ontario. The one-day symposium featured top-quality academic presentations of research in the empirical and theoretical side of marketing. It was a great success with nine excellent presentations from faculty and PhD students at eight major Canadian universities representing four provinces. The speakers spoke to a large, engaged audience drawn from thirteen universities. It concluded with an enjoyable dinner at Aroma in downtown London.

For the Inside@Ivey write up of the symposium click here.

Thanks to all who helped make it a success.


To increase the profile and quality of Canadian academic marketing strategy research in the empirical and theoretical fields. To this end the conference will:

  1. Bring together academics and PhD students based in Canada to discuss their research.
  2. Identity and promote future directions in industrial marketing strategy research in Canada by helping academics understand topics of importance to practitioners.
  3. Showcase empirical research on marketing topics.
  4. Encourage the development of high quality marketing theory.
  5. Help provide a bridge to practitioners by disseminating ideas from top academic research.
  6. Encourage creating knowledge networks through collaborative research in the domain.


9.30  Coffee Break   In Room

9.55  Introduction
10.00 Paper 1: An Empirical Study of the Dynamics of Brand Building. Presenter: Sridhar Moorthy, Rotman School, University of Toronto
10.40 Paper 2: Retail Amenities and Urban Sprawl. Presenter:  Stefan Dobbs, University of Winnipeg
11.20 Paper 3: Do You Diet by Drinking Diet Drinks? – An Empirical Study of Food and Drink Choices at Restaurants. Presenter:  Tirtha Dhar, Sauder School, University of British Columbia
12.00 Lunch Break    New Ivey Building
13.00 Paper 4: A Competitive Model of Ranking Agencies. Presenter: Chun (Martin) Qiu, Desautels FOM, McGill University
13.40 Paper 5: Network Power. Presenter: Grant Packard, Wilfred Laurier University
14.20 Paper 6: Seller Diversity on a Two-Sided Platform.Presenter: Ruhai Wu, Degroote School, McMaster University
15.00 Coffee Break   In Room
15.30 Paper 7: Periodicity of Pricing and Marketing Efforts in a Distribution Channel. Presenter: Salma Karray, UOIT
16.10 Paper 8: Seasonality in Dynamic Consumer Inventory Models. Presenter: Avery Haviv, Rotman School, University of Toronto
16.50 Paper 9: Linking Price to Profit: Theory, Extensions and Empirical Evidence. Presenter: Vinay Kanetkar, University of Guelph
17.30 Concluding Remarks
18.30 Dinner       Downtown London


Sourav Ray, Associate Professor, Degroote School of Business, McMaster University

Mark Vandenbosch, Kraft Professor in Marketing and Faculty Scholar, Ivey School of Business, Western University

David Soberman, Canadian National Chair in Strategic Marketing, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Paul Messinger, Associate Professor of Marketing, Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta

Georges Zaccour, Chair in Game Theory and Management, HEC Montréal

The Presentations

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The Symposium Dinner

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