Behavioural Economics Sports Bingo

A bit of an unusual post today with it being summer.

I’m looking for some help in assessing my new Behavioural Economics Sports Bingo game. The idea is that when you are watching sports you look out for interesting comments from commentators, players, coaches, and those watching it with you. As with any bingo you have to observe and cross off a complete line to win. (Unlike some other games dishonesty is considered a fact of life. If you cheat, provided you don’t cheat too much, it is regarded as pretty normal).

To play the game just print out the Bingo Sheet and look out for examples. For example, you can look out for: Outcome bias. This is judging a decision on the outcome, which may just be through luck, rather than the quality of process. An example might be a commentator saying: “She was right to try the low probability long range shot” (just because it happened to work on this occasion — maybe through a lucky deflection).

Please let me know what you think. What works? What doesn’t? Here is the draft:

BE Bingo Draft July 2017
Thanks very much, Neil